Local information of Dongguan (Changping, Zhangmutou, Huangjiang, Changan, Humen) ,China

Local information of Dongguan (Changping, Zhangmutou, Huangjiang, Changan, Humen) Beatiful girls in Sauna and KTV , Massage ,Japanese restaurant, Chinese and other international cuisine .

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Welcome to Local information in Dongguan ,China !

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Jinghang Hotel (金杭酒店)

Of next by Zhangmutou station, and is the hotel of several years since it was built.

※It is information as of Apr, 2016. Though the price did not cut it at all, I was surprised. Single Room 298RMB( including breakfast).

金杭酒店 外観-1
It is right next to Zhangmutou station↑


金杭酒店 外観(1)-1

金杭酒店 電光掲示板-1

金杭酒店 KFC-1
KFC enters the first floor of the hotel

金杭酒店 ロビ- (2)-1

金杭酒店 ロビ--1

金杭酒店 ベッド-1

金杭酒店 窓からの風景-1

Speaking frankly, it is only an only new hotel. Service does not catch up with it at all.

There is Hotel original HP, too, but, speaking frankly, is extreme in poorness.

As for the second, is there not the staying?….

Please check here the details↓
Jinghang Hotel (金杭酒店)
Adress:No.1,Suquare Road,Zhangmutou Town(very near rail way station) , Dong Guan, China (东莞市樟木头镇火车站旁 )
Phone number:+86(769)8690 3333
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8 Inns - Changping Branch (八方快捷酒店常平店)

It is a certain bargain hotel chain close to Huihua International Hotel (匯華国際飯店).

The Readers used to traveling are enough in a hotel of this level! It will be that there is the person.


Because the author introduce the bargain hotel, readers, please do the choice. A stance of the author is just what writing it for some time.

Because this hotel is a chain store, you may feel relieved very much from the hotel of other bargain classes.

Otherwise Hotel reservation site cannot contract. The WEB site minds the reputation on the net in particular.

Because they will cancel a contract immediately if there are many troubles.

Please check here the details↓ ※You can watch Huihua International Hotel (匯華国際飯店) in the front, and left-sided approximately 30m includes it.
8 Inns - Changping Branch (八方快捷酒店常平店)
Adress: Changping Road,Changping, Changping Town, Dongguan, China 523000 (東莞市常平镇常平大道天虹商场对)
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Hong Kong Airport ➡ Snagshui (上水) station

It is guides from Hong Kong Airport to Snagshui (上水) station.

You get off the bus of A43 at Snagshui (上水) station from Hong Kong Airport .

Because many passengers get off, it will be to notice forcedly.

Snagshui (上水) station

ATM of the HSBC is put in the doorway of the station

State of the neighborhood of A43 bus stop



1 station you just get on the train is a border from Snagshui (上水) station to Luohu .

Because I explained it with a photograph, I think that it is plain.

There will not be the person who is at a loss in this possibly.
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